Who cares? Look how happy they are!

It’s just that I have never seen such enormous boners. They’re so hard for each other.

Uhm, excuse me, but is that a washing machine in the kitchen in the second pic? What even?!

In London at least, if not most of England, if not Europe… they put clothes washers in the kitchen. And then blink at you and say, “Well, where else would you put it? The bathroom?”  I know. I know. Believe me.

As and English person I can attest to this. My washing machine is in my kitchen. Everyone I know, all over the UK and expats in Europe, keeps their washing machine in their kitchen. Where do you dear Americans keep yours? I am utterly confused - it seems a perfectly logical place to keep a washing machine!

I had the option to put mine either in my kitchen or my bathroom. Because it was handier for the space, I opted for the bathroom.

i love how there’s pictures of skeleton sex and everyone’s talking about washing machines

Every apartment and house I’ve lived in has a separate laundry room or closet. (American)

Laundry machines go in the laundry ROOM, which is usually a small utility room attached to the garage, or in the basement.

Or all the way out in the actual garage, in some houses I’ve lived in.  But yeah.  Laundry room, garage, laundry nook (little space carved out of the side of a hallway with hookups in it, covered with a sliding curtain or panel doors usually) or failing that, bathroom.  Never in the kitchen.  Ever.

in the UK and sometimes in Thailand, they go in the kitchen. My ex had his in the bathroom and that was so fucking weird to me.

Yeah we don’t got room for a whole other room in the UK in our tiny tiny houses.

the one in my boyfriend’s house (britisher) is in the kitchen but that’s not the weird part, the weirdest part is that i think it’s a washer and a dryer in one and that makes no sense AT ALL to my poor brain

mine (american) is in the basement and i have a separate washer and dryer

There was a thread about US/UK washing machines very early on in ILX - it went much along these lines, only without the skeleton sex (hello skeleton sex!) but I remember it as a big “OMG THE INTERNET BREAKING DOWN CULTURAL BARRIERS” moment for me, oddly enough.

I think the Brits on the thread went in pretty hard on the idea of laundry rooms but this may have been vengeance for the drubbing they’d got on the tipping thread.

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