Developer: Gamevil

Platform: Android (tested on) / iOS

Baseball is a hard sport to get across in a video game. Wii Sports is about as close as we’ve come to a decent baseball game since it actually let you swing the controller, and it was still less fun than bowling. The Baseball Superstars games use a variety of tapping and swiping moves to get the action across, controls that are refined further in this year’s version. To pitch, you swipe your finger across a box overlaid on the batter, describiung a curve with your fingertip to toss a curveball. Failing that, you can tap for a fastball, or draw a circle to use up one of your special moves, which like everything in Baseball Superstars look like theyve come straight out of Dragonball Z.

Batting is about tilting the screen to angle the bat while tapping either the swing or bunt button at precisely the right moment. Unfortunately the cartoonish 2D presentation makes judging when to swing basically a matter of chance. While batting is incredibly hard and random, pitching is so easy that the only time you’re likely to screw it up is when you get lulled into drowsiness by the repetition.

Between matches there’s a town full of locations to explore, like a training yard, a hospital for recuperating and a shop where you can buy better equipment – some for in-game money, some for real-world dosh. As you do all this prepwork between matches, odd encounters occur with a variety of ridiculous-looking girls in cosplay outfits. Somebody thought that what this baseball game needs is a dating simulator tacked on, rather than say, basic mechanics that actually work. Unless you really unhealthily love both baseball and catgirls, this is not one for you.


Second Opinions: Christian Donlan, Dave Gilmore